Imagination and The Power Of Positive Thinking

One of the most powerful and inspirational tools which can be used daily is something which every one of us possesses, our very own imagination. The Power of Positive Thinking and imagination goes along way to living a happy life. Your own thoughts, insights, ideas and intuition can be used in your daily life to make positive changes for the better in any aspect of your life. Everyone has an imagination although some of us have a more vivid one that springs to life quicker than others do, but with a little practice, we can all form imagery in our mind to benefit us.

How you use your imagination to benefit you in your daily life is only limited by you, you can use your imagination to visualize any number of things and use it for almost any situation. Visualization works by forming a positive picture of the outcome of a situation and seeing this positive outcome in your mind as though its happening and letting it replace any negative thoughts you had. You must develop the visualization as much as you can and look at it from all angles and perspectives, the mental picture which you build in your mind must be as clear as possible of how you wish the situation to turn out. Think of your imagination and the mental picture you build as a blueprint for developing and building on, just as an architect uses a blueprint when designing a project from start to finish.

The foundations

Start by laying out the foundations of your idea or what it is you wish to change in your mind and slowly build up from the bottom, clearly visualizing every little nook and cranny of the idea, the foundation work behind your idea is the basis for your success. When lying down the foundations think about the following

What is it exactly that I want to achieve or change?

What difference will this make to make?

Can I achieve what I want on my own?

What do I have to change in my life to accomplish this?

What do I have to learn to accomplish this?

Once you have laid the foundations for whatever it is you wish to change in your life then you can go ahead and build up on your plan, visualize the project every step of the way as clearly as possible and seeing the project from start to finish build in your mind as accurately as possible. When you have the visualization completed in your mind then you can take steps to achieve what it is you desire, if you wish you can then note down the steps you took in your mind in writing to achieve the outcome, and follow these through from start to finish.

The key points

The key points to using mental imagery successfully for any aspect of your life are

Focusing your imagination on one idea

Forming as clear a mental picture or image of the idea and outcome in your mind

Building up the idea from the foundations to completion

Successfully executing your plan