Overcoming disassociation or Disassociative Disorders

Dissociation or Dissociative Disorders causes us problems with our emotions, physical sensations and how we feel about ourselves as well as the world around us. It is often associated with depression and anxiety or when a person has gone through a traumatic experience. People suffering from dissociation offer have feelings of unreality and often fear they are going insane or that they have some incurable illness. Talking with and being around others becomes almost impossible and deep anxiety that is caused by the feelings can develop into a social phobia.

The feeling of dissociation can vary from person to person depending on the circumstances that brought it about, but common thoughts and feelings associated with disassociation include:

The world around feels unreal

Not belonging in the world

A grey fog covering their vision

Like having a veil over your head

The world is moving at a faster pace than normal


A terrible feeling of not being able to cope

Unsure of yourself

Others find happiness but not you

Extreme anxiety

Feelings that everyone is against you

Feelings that everyone is talking about you

These are just some of the feelings caused by disassociation and these feelings eventually cause the sufferer to believe that they have to turn deeper inward to themselves in order to get back into reality. They continually watch themselves for any brief glimpse that reality as they knew it is returning, of course the more they turn inward and worry the worse the symptoms are.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help those suffering to overcome feelings of dissociation particularly when the cause is severe trauma. Those suffering from dissociation due to anxiety and stress may be able to rid themselves of the feelings through self-help methods and the help and understanding of a doctor.

It is important to remember that the world hasnt actually changed, it is only your perception of the world and those around you that has really changed and these are only temporary thoughts and feelings you are having. Once you have conquered and overcome what is causing the feelings of dissociation you will see things as you once used to. For those who suffer from feelings of dissociation due to depression and anxiety they should realize that the feelings are just that, no more than feelings and these feelings will leave in time. It is important not to be constantly studying them and wondering when they will go, try to accept that they are here for a time and give them no more thought. Once you have lost some interest in your feelings and are not constantly worrying about them it can be surprising how quickly the world once again becomes the world you once knew. Accepting your feelings and any thoughts you might have during this period is essential, for it is only when you lose fear of the situation can you recover.