Listening To Your Inner Voice

We all have feelings about things that happen in life, they might be discouraging thoughts and feelings or they could be positive ones, an easy example of listening to your inner voice is trying on a dress for a special night out. You put the dress on and look in the mirror, you automatically think wow, I look great or shake your head and choose another outfit. This is the simplest form of listening to your inner voice or intuition when it comes to making the best decision.

However we can put our inner thoughts to many good uses in our day-to-day living if we open up and tune into them. Our inner voice can help us to succeed in life, become more confident and live a happier, more productive and fulfilling life.

You are the most valuable resource that you have in life when it comes to making the right choices and the right decisions. You automatically know if some things right or wrong and how to achieve the best results simply by going along with your own intuition, and it very rarely lets us down.

Channeling into your intuition is easy and here are some simple ways you can start using it:

Start off the easiest way developing your intuition by using it to make choices for less important decisions, examples could be, choosing what you want for dinner or which movie or restaurant to go to.

You will find it easier to tune into yourself and your inner voice when it is quiet, so choose a room where you know you wont be disturbed when it comes to making important choices and decisions. A good technique to use is to close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths, focus entirely on the question or task at hand and see what immediately comes to mind.

Be willing to admit that you might make mistakes when listening to your intuition, while your intuition is usually right, you might misinterpret your inner voice that can lead to making a mistake. However you should learn by the mistakes you make and continue developing and strengthening your inner guidance.

When letting your inner guidance come through dont confuse matters by trying too hard or swaying the answer one way or another, chances are if you are leaning towards going in one direction then you already have the answer.

Following the above is the easiest way to get your inner guidance to start surfacing when you need it, the more you turn to it and use it, the easier it will become. As the cartoon character Jiminy cricket sang to his friend Pinocchio always let you conscience be your guide, the same applies in real life, follow your heart, your inner thoughts and feelings and you will never go far wrong. It is only when we begin to lose faith and doubt ourselves that we become unstuck and indecisive and this leads us in the wrong direction or at a standstill.